aviorec.com | Traditional exchange of greetings between company management and employees: Jacopo Recchia, CEO of Aviorec Composites, announces important news


Traditional exchange of greetings between company management and employees: Jacopo Recchia, CEO of Aviorec Composites, announces important news

21 Dec 2019, Posted by Ivan Quiselli in News English

2019 was a busy year, but full of satisfactions and events that confirm the excellence of the company and its keeping up with the times “: is the comment of Jacopo Recchia, CEO of Aviorec who, in recent days, in front of all the staff in the company, taking the opportunity of the usual exchange of greetings, he retraced the most salient moments of the past year and thanked those who, daily, work to make these goals possible. On the eve of an important new year for Aviorec, the meeting between Jacopo Recchia and its employees has taken on particular tones and meanings this time: “Aviorec is growing – said Jacopo – in the company there are 40 more employees than in 2018: this means that we believe in what we do and we believe in the company and we do it with various investments both in personnel and in plants ”.
The Lublin plant, in Poland, represents – in this sense – one of the most important investments made by Aviorec in 2018: “30 of your colleagues now work there – said Jacopo addressing his employees – we have internationalized and we intend to continue to believe also in this new production reality. The company – he added – is made by the people who work there and not by the walls and systems; that’s why we intend to continue growing and investing in both human capital and know-how “. In his speech, then, Jacopo Recchia announced that a series of initiatives are being launched both to improve life in the company and also to facilitate it, with activities inside and outside the plant: “we are making agreements with a gym, a kindergarten and a medical office to allow all employees to take advantage of the facilities; we will expand the company canteen, moving the archive elsewhere. In addition, each employee will soon be able to apply for up to 5000 euros of zero-rate financing for the expenses he / she has to bear in the family, for the home and / or other. We have established the “presence” bonus, sums or extraordinary premiums with respect to remuneration, agreed with the managers, which the company recognizes to its employees who avoid absenting themselves. We have introduced the evaluation and growth sheets. We are here and we do it because we have a mission: to be the best in the composite materials sector. This is why each of us must work and carry out our respective activities thinking that we are better than our competitors. This is what we must do if we want to create the future for ourselves.
Jacopo added: “our company is a place where people have the opportunity to develop, innovate and face ambitious challenges. We expect every employee to lead the development with an entrepreneurial spirit, who feels that the company is their own and is responsible for their actions and inactions. I expect you to do the best you can, not the best you can do, this must be your goal: always work with the best performances in the class to confirm now and in the future the excellence of our company “.
The meeting, followed carefully by all the participants, then continued with the usual exchange of Christmas greetings and with the promise, between CEO and employees, to aim higher and higher and to never stop believing in what is being done.