aviorec.com | Aviorec Composites takes the award in the “Innovation” category


Aviorec Composites takes the award in the “Innovation” category

02 Jun 2024, Posted by Ivan Quiselli in News English

“The passion for doing business” is the title of the annual national assembly of the Italian Confederation of small and medium-sized private industry which was held last Thursday 30 May in the Eliseo Theater in Rome, convening at 11:00 for the private part and at 12:00 pm for the public event. A particularly well-attended assembly with over 600 entrepreneurs from all over Italy. The event was opened by president Cristian Camisa; followed by speeches by the Vice President of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Antonio Tajani and the Minister for European Affairs Raffaele Fitto.

On the occasion of the assembly, Aviorec CEO Jacopo Recchia was awarded in the “Innovation” category. This is the motivation for the award given: “For having contributed to the research and development of new technologies and innovative materials in the aerospace field, with particular attention to new generation composite materials”.

An important recognition for Aviorec and for the entire company team.