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Giuseppe Cossiga e Jacopo Recchia guests on “Casa Italia”

28 Jun 2024, Posted by Ivan Quiselli in News English

Giuseppe Cossiga, president of the Federazione Aziende Italiane per l’Aerospazio, la Difesa e la Sicurezza, and Jacopo Recchia, CEO of Aviorec Composites, were guests on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, of Roberta Ammendola on the television program “Casa Italia”, broadcast on Rai Italia, dedicated to news, stories, insights and connections from around the world.

During the episode, they discussed the “space-economy”, a rapidly growing sector with a global market worth 400 billion dollars, thanks in part to increasingly strategic space programs for nations, the importance of satellites for telecommunications, Earth observation and defense.

Jacopo Recchia

“A great opportunity also for our country,” commented Jacopo Recchia. “Italy has a strong research and development system in the space sector, especially in the production of components, and is able to produce high-quality components for satellites.”

“Among the possible risks,” added Jacopo, “is international competition, with the highly competitive space market; the high cost of developing space technologies is expensive; finally, the space sector is subject to complex national and international regulations and it is therefore necessary to equip it with more updated and efficient regulations.”

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