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AVIOREC operates in the industry of design, industrialization and production of structural parts and components made of composite materials. Our vision is to become a partner of international companies in the manufacture of parts made ​​of composite materials by highly specialized processes. Our mission is to create innovative and competitive solutions for the construction of complex components, focusing on growth by partnering with our customers and strategic suppliers Thanks to the know-how acquired in collaboration with major aircraft manufacturers, Aviorec has specialized in the production of critical parts and structural assemblies such as helicopter rotor blades.

Aviorec has all the capabilities to provide the customer with a complete aeronautical assembly; our core business is the production of aircraft flight parts. The strength of our processes is quality; through our three internal agencies, Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement and Quality Control, we apply with care and rigidity all the norms certified by EN 9100. Since 2016, Aviorec has the qualification NADCAP.

Now we produce structural parts and assemblies in composite material and, through important investments in structures, technologies and resources; Aviorec is specialized in the production of rotor helicopter blades. We also produce composite laminating molds for the production of individual parts.

Production of equipment and metal parts of all sizes
Production of equipment and parts in composite material of all sizes
Master models
Aeronautical flying parts and components in composite and metallic material
Mock-up Realization
Milling and molding Honeycomb honeycomb

Nesting and automatic cutting of the canvases
Layering of cloths in rooms with controlled environment (clean-room)
Laser projection systems for canvas positioning
Production of hot-melt metal-metal
Autoclave care
Care in hot plate press
Filament winding
Tape winding
Numerical control trimming and drilling
Cutting whaterjet
Assembly of composite and metal glued parts
NDI checks automatically
Composite equipment construction
Acceptance test for composite materials and process control